The feel for putting comes and goes. There are days when your distance will feel pretty good, but it seems impossible to get the ball started on the right line?

If you are having a problem getting your ball started on the right line you may want to totally change your alignment and set up.

You might take a drastic step and open your stance A LOT, say 10 to 15 degrees.

This has helped many golfers to see the line a little better.

By making this change to your putting stance, you will find the stroke has a totally new feel.

You can always work on correcting a minor alignment problem on the putting green after the round, or on the putting mat at the house. But on the course, you need to get the ball in the hole right now. Sometimes that requires drastic measures.

The Boomerang Golf Putting Mat System is a perfect system for helping you practice your short putts and gain a better feel for the distance for your putts.

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