Welcome to this Putting Mat website dedicated to providing valuable information to help you choose a Putting Mat that will help you reduce those dreaded three putts and lower the number of putts per round.

Indoor putting mats and putting greens come in various lengths, sizes, and prices. Some even come with slopes, curves, and hazards to make the putting practice a little challenging. You can vary the length of your putts from about three to fifteen feet long. Most of the cups that comes with the putting mats are a little smaller than the cups in the golf course greens. This is good because it will help you to sharpen your putting skills and feel. Practicing on a putting mat should make the regulation cup to appear to be larger. Most of the putting mats come in a variety of shapes and lengths which will provide you the feel of putting on a realistic green.

Most artificial putting mats are portable and are easy to store. Some can even be rolled up for storage, placing into a car, and even carried on an airplane. A number of the putting mats even come with an automatic ball return.

Good luck in reviewing and choosing the right putting mat for your putting practice indoor and outdoor.

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