The SKLZ Vari-Break Putting Green is a putting mat that will help you work on those 10 foot putt. The putting mat is basically a piece of soft turf that helps you practice downhill, uphill, right to left breaks, and left to right break putts in your home or office. The one thing that is unique about this putting green is two moveable foam wedges you can move around underneath the green allowing you to practice many different types of  lies and breaks.

I recommend that you use the two foam wedges to change the slope of the green so you can practice those putts that break right to left and left to right. Remember to study the green to determine how you should line up the putt and stroke the putt. Do not stand over the putt making corrections in your stance until you make the putt because you will not learn how the read the break which is what you need to do during a round of golf.

This Vari-Break Putting Green will provide hours of practice time for your family members and your friends. You might think about creating a challenging putting contest between family members or friends. Change the lies and move the Putt Pocket to different positions on the putting mat to challenge those putting.


Vari-break Putting Green

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