Vari-Break Putting GreenAre you a streaky putter? Do you miss to many putts inside 10 feet? Then let’s look at the SKLZ Vari-Break Putting Green that allows practicing downhill, uphill, right to left breaks, and left to right breaks putts on an indoor practice green. With two moveable foam wedges that can be moved around underneath the green allows practicing many different types of  green lies and breaks. It is manufactured by SKLZ an innovative company from Carlsbad, Calif. that is known for its creative athletic training aids.


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This putting green allows replicating all those  putts you may encounter on you favorite course from within 10 feet. How low could your golf score go if you could make 50% of those 10 foot putts?

It also comes with a horseshoe-shaped SKLZ Putt Pocket which will fit inside a standard golf hole to allow practicing putts to a reduced size hole for higher precision practice. It allow practicing putting to the high side of the cup. You can even move the putt pocket from one side of the green to the other side which will shrink and expand the amount of break by several feet. For more putting situations and maybe for some fun putting competition with family and friends the weighted putt pocket can be moved to different positions on the green.

These foam wedges creates different types of “breaks” in the green. If you want a big bender at the hole, you just stack the two wedges on top of each another and slide them under the mat. Using two wedges you can even simulate a large hump right in front of the ball.

Finally a practice putting mat that acts like an actual course putting green and one that will diffidently help improve putting on virtually any type of lie at home or the office.

The green measures 11 ft long by 3 ft wide and the Stimpmeter rating is 10 on a firm rug, and 11 on linoleum surface for down-grain putts. Against-grain rate is 9 on a firm rug. This 33-square foot true-roll putting surface simulates real green conditions even putting against-the-grain.

SKLZ Vari-Break Putting Green comes with a convenient carry bag that includes a strap, two foam wedges for breaks, and SKLZ® Putt Pocket, which reduces putting cup size for more accurate practice and practice putts to the high side of the hole

Vari-Break Putting Green

==>Checkout The Deal For The Vari-Break Putting Green<==