You will be able to work on your golf game by practicing and improving your putting almost anywhere and at anytime on this Tour Links Dogbone Putting Green. It is a great choice especially when you want to practice during those cold winter months when you can not get out. The module design makes assembling and dissembling very easy for moving and storing. The size of green surface is 3′ X 10′ with turf that simulate the tour speed for a more realistic feeling putts. Plus it comes with a 20 square-foot putting mat surface that provides ample surface to practice a wide range of putts.

A another great thing about this dogbone putting green is that the surface feels very solid when you stand on the green. During each practice time you will be able to watch your putted ball track straight into the cup and disappear. The Dogbone Putting Green will provide many hours of enjoyment for you, your family members, and even your golfing buddies that comes over to practice.

This practice green is perfect for putting practice for any golfer in the office or in the family room. It comes with over 9 feet of club speed turf with two cups.  This putting green offers a realistic putting experience at a price that is affordable. Installation of the Tour Links Dogbone Putting Green is a snap with the patented design and the molded high impact polymers panels.

Tour Dogbone Putting Green

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