Dogbone Putting GreenThis Tour Links Dogbone Putting Green is perfect for any golfer with limited space or budget. It allow practicing putts up to  8 feet and it come with two standard cups, one pin and adjustable contour mats.

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This indoor practice green will contribute to a perfect putting practice session for any golfer in the office or in the family room. It comes with over 9 feet of club speed turf with two cups.  The Dogbone Putting Green offers a realistic, high quality putting green at a price that is affordable. Installation is a snap with the patented design and the molded high impact polymers panels.

A another great aspect of this putting green is that the surface feels very solid under foot. During each practice session you will be amazed as you watch the putted ball track straight to the cup and disappear. The Dogbone Putting Green will provide many hours of fun and putting  practice for you, family members, and your golfing buddies that comes over to practice their putting stroke.

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You will be able to work on improving your golf game by practicing your putting almost anywhere and at anytime. Especially during those cold winter months when you can not get out. The patented design makes assembling and dissembling for moving and storing very easy. The green surface is 3′ X 10′ with turf that is tour speed for a more realistic feeling putts. Plus it comes with a generous 20 square-foot putting mat surface providing ample room to practice a wide range of putts.

The turf is extremely durable, weather-resistant, UV protected and color safe allowing you to practice putting outdoors or on your pouch. The putting turf is weather resistant. Best of all, the green gives you the feel of a real putting surface so as you practice on the Dogbone Indoor Putting Green, you will see the results you see on the golf course. So this putting green makes it easy to practice whenever and wherever you want.

This is an awesome practice putting green! Two heavy-duty interlocking panels quickly snap together allowing you to assembly the green, stick the flag in the cup and it’s game on! It is built such that players can even stand on the entire green while practicing. It also features elevated platform that creates a level playing surface. Two Contour Pads allows creating varying left-to-right and right-to-left breaks.

The patented modular design makes the installation of the two panels a snap. Just snap the two panels together and insert the fasteners and you are done. The interlocking teeth makes for proper panel alignment, and the patented floating cups allows perfect playability. The result is a professional high quality putting green with turf that stays true no matter the temperature or conditions.

You want to clean the panels with just a soft, damp cloth. Be careful when you sweep or vacuum the Dogbone Putting Green turf to not damage the surface.

Tour Links Dogbone Putting Green