Putting TipHere is a great putting drill that can be done without a putting green. All you need is a carpet long enough to roll a ball.

Find three golf balls and drop them on the carpet so they are spread out. You want the balls to be about three to four feet apart. The good thing about this drill is that you do not need a hole in the carpet. All need is a spot to putt to.

The distance you want to work on with this drill is about four feet. Now putt the first ball the four foot distance. The important part of this drill is distance control.

The rest of the drill consist of putting the other balls so they hit the first ball. You may want to repeat this drill to get the feel for the distance and the feel of the stroke to move the ball this distance.

To expand this drill perform the same steps for putts distance six feet to twelve feet.

Here is another variation. Putt the first ball and hit the ball place on the carpet. Now putt the second ball so it hits the first ball. Then putt the third ball to hit the fourth ball. You can also use a putting mat to perform this drill.



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