ProActive Par Three Putting GreenThe ProActive Par Three Putting Green comes with high recommendations for those looking for an indoor practice putting mat. It is a 9′ by 3′ kidney shaped green that has 3 cups to practice your putting into a cup from different positions on the green. It’s comes with a high quality putting surface material designed to remain smooth all the time. In addition to the 3 cups there are even some hazards to putt around.

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It is an awesome putting aid for working on your short putt speed. Basically the putting mat is a piece of soft turf glued over foam that lies smoothly on a hard surface. I recommend getting some double-sided carpet tape and attach it to the edges of the putting green to hold it in place to prevent it from moving while putting. The tape will also aid in keeping the putting green to lie flat and smooth on the floor.

This three hole putting mat provides hours of fun and challenging putts for you, your family members, and your friends. You might consider holding a putting contest between family members or friends. The putting practice surface is exactly what it looks like, a realistic piece of green outdoor carpeting with holes cut in it and foam rubber glued to the back. For practicing short putts, it provides enough of a challenge that you will find that you will make more of those three foot putts during a round of golf.

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It comes out of the box nicely rolled up, lays out flat, and has enough flex and stiffness that it can have some elevation changes put under green without it wrinkling. The foam is sturdy enough to allow you to walked on it. Also the curve adds a nice bit of extra thickness, and the kidney shape makes sure your feet are on the same level as your putter.

Although the golf balls have to be retrieved after putting them into the holes, there is no repeating noise factor shooting the balls back to you so you can even practice at midnight without bothering others in the house. When you finish your putting practice it rolls up nice for storing in a closet or under a bed or couch.