Looking to reduce putts per round of golf?

Then let’s look at how the Boomerang Golf Putting System can help you reduce the number of putts per round.

Boomerang - The Original Dynamic Putting SystemThe Boomerang Golf Putting System is designed to be like an addictive game. You will find it hard to walk past the Boomerang putting device without putting one or two putts. It provides better quality feedback than any other putting system and more reps than other putting mats with a ball returner.

It is so challenging you will catch yourself practicing for hours with this training device that is used by touring pros to fine tune their putting muscle memory.

The Boomerang is very quiet because of the kinetic design and the 2-ball mechanism that does not need batteries to operate. What this means is that you can practice on it anywhere and practice for as long as you like without needing to retrieve a ball.

Once you set the golf putting mat system up every putt becomes a challenge of identical perfect line and perfect pace. Get it right and you get positive feedback, get it wrong and the golf ball rolls back to try again.

When you hit the target the ball will come to rest at 6 o’clock when the surface is level. When you determine the putt is straight before you strike it with the face of the putter you know that a missed putt can only be the result of the stroke itself. So when you miss the hole you immediately know why it missed and the ball rolls right back to you for another try.

Learning how to hit a straight putt is the first thing shown you in the enclosed DVD. You must learn to hit a totally straight putt before you can start working on distance control.

The Boomerang putting system provides a tour quality practice experience and simulate pressure at home, the office, the club or anywhere you might practice. The best part of this putting system is that it’s addictive. You will find it hard to walk past the Boomerang putting device without putting one or two putts.

It is easy to use, provide quality feedback during your putting practice, and has help several touring pros improve their putting. It is more fun than any other putting system and will help you groove a professional stroke in weeks. The return system is Highly efficient so you will never chase another golf ball under the furniture again. The Boomerang putting system can be used on any flat surface.