To improve your putting stroke you need a stroke that is longer back and shorter through (at roughly a 60/40 ratio) for generating the smoothest roll.

Calm acceleration is the key to sinking more putts.

To practice the 60/40 stroke, stick three tees in the green. Place one tee marking your ball position, one tee at the end of your backstroke, and the other tee at the end of your forward stroke.

The middle tee should be about 60 percent of the distance from the back tee to the forward tee. Therefore, if you have a putt of eight feet (on a flat surface, medium speed), and the total distance of the stroke is 22 inches, the back should be 14 inches from the ball and the forward tee 8 inches. (You’ll have to experiment on your own to determine the length of strokes needed to cover various distances.) Practice swinging the putter head back and through to the bookend tees, and before long you’ll have the perfect stroke grooved for whatever length putt you need to dial up.

To produce the smooth acceleration that is necessary to hit putts online with the perfect speed, try a stroke that is longer back and shorter through – about a 60/40 ratio. This accounts for the energy lost at impact and also promotes a more gentle acceleration through impact that negates the putter head twisting or rise at impact. You can also practice this ratio using an indoor putting mat.

Improved putting is all about “Longer Back, Shorter Through.”

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