SuperStroke Mid Slim 2.0 Putter Grip

SuperSoft Putter GripThe newest size in the SuperStroke line-up, the Mid Slim 2.0 is the latest size. It came about because PGA players wanted a size between the Ultra Slim 1.0 and the Slim 3.0, which is the Tour-favorite SuperStroke Grip.  There are many on the PGA tour playing with the Mid Slim 2.0 and it is being played more and more at each weekly tour event.

On the PGA Tour It Is By Far The Fastest Growing Putter Grip

There are currently over 125 PGA players using the SuperStroke technology. The company’s patented grip helps the world best players improve their putting each and every week.

On the tour the proof is in the money. There has been over $50 million won on Tour by players playing the SuperStroke grip technology.

What I found Using the Grip During Weekend Play

There parallel technology provides me with even pressure in both of my hands which has helped to eliminate tension in my wrist and forearms.  This has allowed me to swing my arms more freely. I feel like I am getting closer to a pendulum putting stroke which is talked so much about by all the putting gurus.

New Material with CrossTraction Technology

They use a high-tech PU material which comes from a light-weight foam. They have developed what they call a CrossTraction technology for improving the tackiness and feel.

That is what I feel when I grip the SuperStroke on the putting green. It feels soft yet firm and it has a tacky feeling. It feels really comfortable in my hands.

I have fallen love with the putter grip. It has helped me improve my putting stroke while feeling good in my hands. I really like the reverse tapering of the grip. The top of the grip diameter is slightly smaller than the bottom of the putter grip.

I highly recommend the SuperStroke Mid Slim 2.0 putter grip.

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