The most important aspect of putting is the speed of the putt. It has been said that putting speed is king. Before you can determine the line of the putt you must determine the speed of the putt. Have you said to yourself or to your buddies the ball would have gone in if it had more speed.

Those uphill putts will break less than a downhill putt because the slower speed of the putt.

A putt on a faster green will break more than putts on a slower green.

When you are determining the speed of those longer putts pay close attention to what may happens to the ball in the last five feet or so of the putt. When the ball slows down as it approaches the hole the slope will affect the roll of the putt. How many times have you seen a putt miss the hole because it lost speed as it approached the hole?

Yes, we know that speed is king but make sure that you determine the break of the putt. You must determine the break if you want the putt to go into the hole. If speed is king then break is queen.

It is important to understand the affect on the ball when putting a level putt, an uphill putt, and a downhill putt. As a general rule, double the break when you are putting downhill and cut the break in half when putting uphill. On those level putts, play the speed as you see it.

If you are having difficulty playing the right amount of break for putts remember the general rule and adjust accordingly.

Remember that practicing putting will help you make more putts. Try practicing on an indoor putting mat such as the Three Hole Green – Portable Putting Green.

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