Your arms do not rotate as the putter moves back and down the target line. The turning of the shoulders with regards to the ball appears to cause the arms to rotate with regards to the putting line. However the arms don’t rotate with regards to the shoulders.

When your shoulders turn back during the putting stroke the forearms track with the putter. You heard people talking about “delivering” the putter. That only means permitting the arms to rotate with the putt. But it is really the turning of the shoulders that turns the arms. They do not do it by themselves and you can not make them rotate with any consistency. So do not try during the putting stroke. So turn your shoulders back and forth for the putting stroke.

So the key factor to consider would be that the arms do not rotate. It is the shoulder turn that triggers the arms to look like they rotate and the opening of the putter face.

You need to work on reducing or eliminating any shoulder turn when you make those short putts. You want to simply tilt them slightly down the putting line.

So practice and work on controlling how your shoulders move back and through the ball on an indoor putting mat. If you want the shoulders to turn to trigger the putting stroke on the way back, you will need to turn the shoulders equally back and through the ball.

Increase your shoulder turn on full swing and putting

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