Once you get to the course and pay the green fees you should spend a few minutes putting on the practice putting green. It will help you get a feel for the speed of the greens before you go to the first tee.

If your time is limited once you get to the course putting is where you should spend your time.

Take your time and hit few good putts. Start by putting one foot putts, move to three foot putts and continuing moving further from the hole until you are about twenty feet away. The vast majority of the putts you will face on the course will be less than twenty feet.

You want to read these putts and hit them just as you would on the course greens. Go through this routine to establish a rhythm for the day before you go to the first tee.

You should putt some of them on a level part of the green, some uphill, and some downhill. But the main thing to keep in mind if you are pressed for time before teeing off is to work on establishing your putting rhythm and speed of the green with the time you have.

Practicing on the putting green before you go to the first tee should become an extension of your putting practice that you done on your home Bloomrang Golf Putting System.

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