There are a number of golf courses that I have played that have little rough around the putting greens. Most golf courses use the same machines to cut around the putting greens as they use to cut the fairway. That is why the rough around the greens.

This rough around the greens provides a great opportunity to putt from off the green instead of chipping. It would be like putting over several feet of fairway grass.

The problem with putting through this rough grass is that the ball will jump or even move left or right when you hit it. Yes the grass is fairly low, but it is not the grass that is cut short on the green.

Many many times golfers in my foursome have left what seems like a simple putt, over just a few feet of  this fairway height grass around the putting green, way short or way long. I hear them say at times “the ball just jumped on me over the rough”.

Well, sure it did since it is rough. And you know it will happen again next time too.

So when you are faced with a putt over fairway high grass try to plan and predict how the golf ball will jump as it rolls over the grass.

Practice on working how you can control the ball as it leaves the putter face. Practice different angles as the putter approaches the ball. Try steeper. Try shallower.

Work on finding a putting stroke that will get the ball jumping over the grass the same way every time.

Those putts from off the green is not about rolling the ball. Its about learning how to control the jump of your ball, if you don’t the jump will control the ball and it will be short or long.

Putting From Off The Green

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