Putting Distance Is Key

Putting DistanceTo become a better golfer you must know how to putt the exact putting distance each and every time. And this is one of the major problem all amateur golfers have problems with.

Even when you miss read a putt by a foot left or right while putting the golf ball the right putting distance, you will only a one foot left for you second putt. Those one foot putts are easier to make than a three foot putt if your distance control is off when you make that first putt.

To lower your scores per round, you need to develop the feel for rolling the ball xx feet for a xx foot putt.

With that in mind you need to learn how to roll the ball 10 feet for a 10 foot putt. 9 feet. 8 feet. 6 feet. 15 feet. So what ever length putt you are faced with you need to feel that distance in your stroke each and every time no matter what.

If you can not hit the putting distance on command, you will not be able to lower your scores no matter how many fairways or greens you hit.

To become a better player you have to master your distance control.


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