Eliminate Three Putts by Practicing Short Putts Over And Over Again On A Putting Mat!

ProActive ProCircuit Putt Return SystemThis ProActive ProCircuit Putt Return System returns the ball right back to you on the putting mat so you do not have to walk to retrieve the golf ball to putt again. The ball returns back to where you putted from regardless of whether you made the putt or missing the putt. The ball return track is adjustable from 3 feet to 9 feet and it allows for getting high putting reps in a short period of time.

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Putting is designed to be 50% of your strokes during a round of golf. That adds up to 36 strokes per round if you two putted each green. So one way to get your strokes down per round of golf is to reduce the number of putts per round. And the best way is to reduce those three putts and to increase the number chip and one putt to save par.

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This high quality putting mat surface registers a 9 on the stimp meter. This provides the opportunity to practice fast putts that may be encountered during your next round of golf. Practicing those 3 to 6 foot putts on this putting green will provide you the feel and confidence to make all those short putts. You will find that this putting green will help your short game improve immensely.

Can be used by both right and left handed golfers making practicing putting both addictive and enjoyable…while – hopefully – a
useful practice system. The fun factor is waiting for you, your family members, and golfing buddies. You will find that the ball rolls smoothly on this putting mat like putts roll on bent grass.

It has been found that Kids love to watch the balls shoot back to their original putting position. You will find kids using it as they pretend they are Tiger Woods putting in the US Open. They will even enjoy the ProActive ProCircuit Putt Return System, especially when the weather is not ideal outside and they are stuck inside the house with the putting mat.