The ProActive Par Three Putting Green is a putting mat that will help you work on your short putts. The putting mat is basically a piece of soft turf glued to a piece of foam that lies flat on a hard surface. I recommend using double-sided carpet tape to secure the edges of the putting mat to the floor to hold it in place preventing it from moving while putting. The tape will also help the putting green lie flat and smooth on the floor.

This ProActive Par Three Hole Putting Green will provide hours of enjoyment for you, your family members, and your friends. You might consider holding a challenging putting contest between family members or friends. The putting practice surface is exactly what it looks like, a realistic piece of green outdoor carpeting with holes cut in it and foam rubber glued to the back. For practicing short putts, it provides a challenge that you will find will provide you the confidence to make more of those three foot putts during a round of golf.

ProActive Par Three Putting Green

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