Making More Putts To Lower Your Handicap!

Making More PuttsEach individual golfer understands (or ought to know) that making more putts is undoubtedly amongĀ  THE most significant parts of your golfing round.

It is also the quickest method to reduce every golfers score since it requires much less time for you to develop into an improved putter than it does to improve your swing mechanics.

So what exactly should you be thinking about for making more putts?

That is simple for making more putts… Putt as if you are going to make each and every putt!

You have probably heard the argument that for those longer putts you should just lag the ball close enough to the hole for an easy short putt.

The problem with thinking like this is when you focus on getting the golf ball close to hole, you are not focusing on a selected a point on the green, your are focusing on just an area around the hole, and this way of thinking can sometimes lead to a difficult second putt.

A better way of thinking as you prepare to putt is, “I can make that putt.”

Now after saying that, you need to ensure that you are managing the distance of the putt to ensure that your are leaving a relatively easy second putt.

Since we amateur golfers do not stiff the approach shots to within 6 feet of the hole, you need to devote more time on the practice putting green developing a better feel for the longer putts that you encounter during a each round of golf.

If you generally leave putts outside of 8 feet following your approach shots, you should spend more putting practice time from that distance.

The same rule should be followed for making more putts if you average 12 or 20 feet from the hole.

Develop a practice putting regiment from those distances you normally hit your approach shots to and you will see improvement in your putting and begin making more putts.

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