Today, I would like to talk to you about making a high percentage of short putts. I know we all would love to make 80 to 90 percent of putts within six feet. If you could you would definitely lower your score and you will also reduce the number of three putts.

One way to make more putts is to establish a routine and use a line on the golf ball to line up each putt. When you stand over the putt look a spot on the hole that your see the ball rolling over as it drops into the hole. Watch that spot as you take your practice putt and get the feel for the stroke you need to make so the ball rolls into the hole.

Now you want to line the putter with the line on the ball reset your feet and stroke the ball.

So I recommend that you draw a line on the golf ball or use the line that is now being printed on most golf balls by the manufacture to help you line up the putter, ball, and the line to the hole or spot you are putting to for a break in the putt. This will help you line up the putt the same way each and every time.

You can use your indoor putting mat or a practice putting green to help you practice your aligning process so you can repeat it on each and every green during your round of golf.

This alignment process will help you become a better putter and to make more short putts. Remember what you want to see when you putt the ball is that the line on the ball is rolling end over end versus side over side.

Jeff Goble: Putting Tip For Short Putts

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