Make More PuttsMake More Putts

Not preparing correctly to make more putts, no matter how well you can read the greens or how great your stroke may be, you can still find yourself missing some easy putts.

One simple way you can lessen these missed putts, is to put your preshot routine in the right sequence.

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Step 1: Survey the line of your putt. Take into consideration things like elevation changes, slope, and grain. Once you have the path of the ball figured out, it’s time to use something the majority of golfers simply don’t take the time to do. (And it helps out tremendously.)

Step 2: Take your golf ball and mark it with a nice straight line (or you can use the manufacturers markings) and use that line to aim your ball exactly where you want to start your putt.

This alone is such an effective way to make more putts, it’s a wonder why so few golfers do it!

It’s like getting a slight advantage to starting your ball online since you don’t have to rely on trying to aim your putt standing over it at address.

Why do you think nearly everyone on Tour does it?

Step 3: Once your ball is now marked and lined up, you can put the line of you putt out of your mind. Just forget about it and focus on your feel and distance control. Take a few practice strokes while looking at the cup to get a feel for the speed of the putt that you think will get you ball to the bottom of the cup or just slightly by it.

Step 4: Now it’s time to putt the ball. You have the line, you have the feel for the putt – it’s time to put those two together when you’re over the ball and make a confident stroke.

If you stick with this routine, you should not only make more putts, but develop even more confidence on the greens. You can also work on the routine in the comfort of your home using a putting mat.

Good luck!

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