Stay Still To Make More Putts

Make More PuttsOne of the most common faults of golfers for missing putts is movement during the stroke. Lets look at how you can make more putts.
Golfers (even myself) are guilty of watching where their ball is going right after they make the stroke and tend to quickly look up to watch their ball.This causes them to move from their original posture. Most golfers are unaware of how much they actual move during the putting stroke.When you¬† look up too quickly you tend to “straighten up” causing your shoulders to open up too soon. This results in the path of the stroke¬† move to the left and closing the club face slightly. This is the reason most missed putts end up left of the target. On the practice green and indoor putting mats pay close attention to your posture as you line up and address your putt to make more putts.

After you have struck your putt, hold your follow-through for about 3-6 seconds after the ball leaves the club face and check the following:

1. Has you body remained in it’s original address position?
2. Is the path of your putter still on the correct target line?
3. Has you putter face remained square to the target?

If any of these 3 things happen, you could be losing strokes on the putting green due to missed putts.

Remember to keep your address position well after you’ve struck your putt. This alone will help your putting stroke stay square to your target and help you make more putts.

Next time you’re watching golf on TV, pay attention to the Professionals when they putt, and you’ll see them keeping their posture. Watch their head and shoulders to determine how still they remain while they are putting. During some telecast I have heard the commentators express that he is missing putts because he is moving during the putting stroke.

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