I play with a number of average golfer and they all fail to line up their ball before they putt. It is one of those simple and obvious things that should be done but is not.  It does not matter whether you play with a brand name ball or not, if you fail to line up your ball you are putting blind.

I have never figured it out as to why it took golfer so long to learn this little putting trick. You do not have to use some imaginary line when most golf balls come marked with a straight line on the ball.

I have to admit I did not figure it out until I saw a PGA Pro on TV using the ball line to line up the ball on the putting green.

Here are a few benefit of  lining up your golf ball before you putt.

1) You have  a visual image of the alignment of the putt

2) It helps to simplify lining up the putter. It helps to make the putter face square.

3) It provides visual reference to help  line up your body and feet.

4) Aides in lining up you eyes over the ball and the putting line

Make sure you are totally committed to the alignment of the ball before you strike the ball. If you don’t feel right about the line, take a trick from Jim Furyk and step back behind it again and adjust your line if necessary.

Being confident over the ball is half the putting battle. If there is any doubt in your feel, your odds of success decreases substantially.

How to Line Up Your Putts

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