Here  Are Two Things You Need To Learn To Become A Better Putter

To improve your putting you will need to learn two key elements in making putts and practice them over and over again to become a repeatable putter. So let’s take a look at two vital elements related to putting:

1. A Repeatable Putting Stroke

You need to develop a putting stroke that is repeatable. It is a must. Without a stroke that is repeatable the ball will have a different speed for each putt and travel in a different direction. To become a good putter a repeatable stroke is a must. Your stance, grip and alignment can be wrong as long as you use the same old boring repeatable stroke every time.  A repeatable stroke will help you to be better a putter making more putts per round. Many of the golfers I play with use different putting strokes, grips and stances during the same round. It shows in their inconsistent putting.

Achieving a repeatable stroke will allow you to improve your putting and reduce your number of putts per round of golf.

2. Reading The Green’s Slope And Breaks

Reading each putting green is vital in becoming a repeatable putter. Even if you hit the ball with a repeatable stroke, you will miss many putts if you are reading the green wrong. Most weekend golfers will read too little break or to must break. They also fail to properly read the speed of the putt. Knowing how the ball is going to break and the speed needed to hole putts is very important to making more putts.

These putting tips may seem simple, but they are the basis elements for making every putt you face during every round of golf. So develop your repeatable putting stroke using a putting mat and become a better green reader and you will be on your way to getting your putts per round under 30. Believe me I have.

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