Dave Pelz has a lag putting drill that will help you with your lag putting. This drill must be done on an outdoor putting green that is at least 70 feet long. You can not practice long lag putts on an indoor putting green.

We are all faced with those long putts where you tell yourself do not three putt it. Most golfers that I play with will three putt three to five times a round. Three putting is the one thing I hate during a round of golf. I know in my case I could shave off two to three strokes per round by just not three putting.

To solve the three putt issue you need to practice lag putting and making those three foot putts following the lag putt. A course if you make the lag putt you will not have to worry about making the three or four foot putt. Golfers on the average only make about 1% of putts from 40 to 60 feet.

So let’s take a look at Dave’s drill that I use to help me reduce three putts.

Put three tees into the practice green. The first tee is 13 steps plus one foot from the cup. That is a 40 foot putt. For the second tee step off 3 more steps plus one foot and that is the 50 foot tee. For the third tee step off another three steps plus one foot and that is the 60 foot tee from the hole.

Take three balls and place them at the 50 foot tee. Practice putting from 50 feet until you roll all three balls inside three feet. Then you take the three balls and putt them from the 40 foot tee until you roll all three balls inside three feet. Then move back to the 60 foot tee and putt until all three balls roll inside the 3 foot circle around the cup.

Then take one ball and putt it from 50 feet. Stand over the putt with confidence that you can make it as though it was the putt to win your club championship. You know you can putt inside the three foot circle since you have practiced the 40, 50, and 60 foot lag putts.

So when you lag the putt within three feet you can make the next putt every time. So go out and practice, practice, and practice those lag putts using this drill. You will reduce your number of three putts.

Dave Pelz Helps You With Your Lag Putting

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