To improve your putting you need to practice learning how to read the golf green.  When you are walking up to the green get yourself into the routine of looking at the different slopes on the green, the length of the grass on the green and the direction of the wind. By taking all of this data into consideration you will be able to determine how much force to apply to your putt.

Understanding what putting really is will go along way to improving your putting.  You see putting is just a very short swing made with your putter.  Mastering this short swing is very important because when you are putting it is all about moving the golf ball into the hole.   Improving your putting is all about developing a nice smooth putting action.  When you become smoother you will have better control of both your putter and the golf ball.  Once you learn to consistently repeat a smooth putt your game will develop in leaps and bounds.

When you unable to get out and practice you putting on a grass green you may want to consider practicing indoor on your favorite college putting mat that can also double as a floor runner. Practice practice those short putts on a putting mat to improve your putting. It will help you reduce those three putts that we all hate.

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