Lining up your putts seem to be simple and an obvious thing for us to do to make putts. I still see most average players that fail to line up their putts. How do you expect to make a putt if you do not line the putt up the same way each and every time. I am not a proponent of lining up the putt using a line on the golf ball.

I find it easier and more efficient to make the putter face square to the intending target line you want to roll the ball over.

The problem with using a line on the ball to line up the putt is that you can not always align the line correctly every time the same way. This is why you should align the putter face to the target which could be a target spot on the green just in front of the ball or the cup.

You benefit several ways by lining up your putter to the target line.

1) You create a visual target line on the green

2) It makes lining up the putter simple and repeatable. Not only making the putter square, but also making sure the putter face is in the same relation to the the target line on every stroke.

3) You have a visual reference with a spot on the green for lining up your body and feet.

4) It takes the guesswork out of picking your starting line once you get over the ball.

A great way to practice lining up the putter face to the target line is to practice at home or office using a putting mat.

Just a few words of caution. You must be totally committed to the alignment of the putter face to the target line. If the line does not feel right step back behind it again and make an adjust if necessary.

You see, lining up every putt properly can help make sure the ball rolls where you tell it to.


Robert “Robbie” J. Camacho, PGA: How To Line Up Your Putts

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