We all have missed those easy 6 to 8 foot putts and wondered: “How did I miss that one?” Well, John Brenkus, host of “ESPN Sports Science,” explains why in this video.

You may think you know all about what Brenkus is going say, but it’s still fascinating to listen to him analyze those fast greens at Augusta National Golf Course. He discusses what determines whether a putt is makeable:

  • Impact speed on the back of the cup. If your putt crosses over the center of the hole, the fastest the golf ball can roll and still go into the cup is 3.64 mph. If it travels faster it will jump off the back of the hole as move past the hole.
  • Impact parameter. The farther away from the center of the hole that a putt crosses the cup, the slower it must travel to go in. It can not travel faster than  — 2.7 mph.

It is very surprising is to learn how uphill putts, which we all want, will move away from the hole when mishit. Based on Brenkus’s discussion we should welcome downhill putts which move toward the hole even when they are mishit? Check it out the video.

Remember to practice your putting at home on a putting mat.

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