Golf GPSIn the last few years the Golf GPS unit has really took off and have now become as good a scoring weapon as your trusty Lob Wedge that you have already added to your golf bag. Current thinking is that a Golf GPS can take up to 6 shots off your handicap, so if you are thinking about whether you should invest in one then that should be a major reason for doing it.

As with many sports out there, Golf is a game of confidence and this is built on how consistent you are with your swing, a lot of problems with consistency in golf are due to lack of confidence which ultimately affects your concentration. Imagine every time you addressed the ball you knew exactly how far you had to hit the ball to hit the green and how far you actually hit the ball with each club! Well that’s what a Golf GPS can do for you, it’s very much like having your own personal caddie – just like the Pro’s do except this little unit doesn’t have to walk the course for you, it just knows.

The main thing some of the best golf gps devices out there do is allow you to concentrate solely on your swing. No longer are you wondering how far can you hit that 4 or 5 iron (or any other club for that matter), because the average distance you can hit the ball is stored within the unit. The distance you have to hit the ball to clear any hazards are also available again taking away the guesswork from within your golf game.

Many of the Golf GPS units out there have advanced color touch screen displays and come with multiple course storage, sometimes 5,000 or more. This makes the Golf GPS an ideal travel companion for anyone who enjoys playing golf across the UK, Europe and many areas of the world. Don’t misunderstand that a Golf GPS is as useful to the occasional golfer as it is to the seasoned competition playing amateur. There are many cheaper units out there that allow you access to only a few courses and you will pay extra for other downloads – ideal for the club golfer who only plays locally.

The facts speak for themselves in that you can reduce your handicap by getting a Golf GPS so check out the deals out there and see which one suits you.

Golf GPS A Wonderful Gift For The Golfer In Your Life!

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