Ben Hogan looked at putting as a game within a game. Gary Player’s putting tip is that putting is based on feel, techniques, and speed even though there are many different putters and putting grips. No matter what putter standard, belly, or under the chin and the grip standard, claw, or left hand low when you stand over that putt it’s all about your feel for the putt.

Putting Tip

Putting is all about getting that little white ball into the hole. It drives us crazy when we think about all those putts we should have made and how many we missed when the ball lipped out or burned the edge of the hole.

You know when we compare putting and hitting the ball off the tee you can miss hit a tee shot and still be in the fairway but if you hit a bad putt it will not go into the hole.

Putting is such a mental game based on feel and speed. You have to feel how hard you need to strike the ball and the line you need to hit the ball on to make the ball go into the hole.

Short Putts

A putting tip is to look at the line and feel the putt mental. Now you want to take your putting stance, line up the putt, visualize the putt, and make your putting stroke. You do not want to stand over the putt and agonize over it. That will only make your muscles tense up and cause a bad putting stroke. Relax, relax, and relax over the putt.

Long Putts

Study the putting line. Pick a spot to putt over based on which direction the putt is going to break. Take you putting stance and take a couple a practice swings to develop a feel for the putt. Visualize the putt and make your putting stroke with the back swing the same length as the follow through. Again you want to get a feel for the length of the putt.

Putting Routine

You want to develop you own routine for reading the green, standing over the putt, how many practice putts to make, and putting the ball. What ever routine you develop you want to repeat it for each putt. For both the long putts and the short putts. Even when the short putt is one foot away from the hole.

You can also practice your short putts and your putting routine in your home or office on an indoor putting green.



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