Sink More Downhill Golf Putts

Golf PuttsDownhill golf putts are usually real tricky and create a great deal of problems for most amateur golfers.

In an issue of Golf Digest and in the “Quick Tips” section there exists an outstanding checklist for mastering downhill golf putts by Jason Day.

In the article Jason gives his personal tip on sinking those tricky downhillers.

Here is what he say:

“ONE FOOT MAX. When you’re judging speed on a downhill putt, you want the ball trickling as it gets to the hole. If you miss, you don’t want it to go any further than a foot past the cup. Missing is never good, but look on the bright side: You’ve got an uphill putt coming back.”

To make this happen time after time with downhill golf putts, or any putt, it is important you have distance control. You can practice distance control at home with an indoor putting mat.

You need to know the way to putt specific distances every time. And this is the serious problem most amateur golfers have trouble with.

Even though you miss read your golf putt by a foot left or right, as long as you’re putting it the right distance, you’re only leaving yourself a foot for your second putt.

To shoot low scores, you need to know the way to roll the ball 12 feet for a 12 foot putt.

You must know how to roll the ball 10 feet for a 10 foot putt. 9 feet. 8 feet. 6 feet. 15 feet.

If you cannot do this on demand, you will never shoot the scores you know you’re capable of – regardless how many fairways and greens you hit.

To become a better player you must master distance control on each green to reduce the number of golf putts.

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