During a each round of golf most of us are faced with an up hill putt and down hill putt.  I know I have seem to have more trouble with a down hill putt compared to an up hill putt. Knowing how hard to strike that down hill putt is always an issue.

You are faced with a 10 foot dead downhill putt on a slick green. You may have been told to hit the golf ball on the toe of the putter is a good method. When I try it I still hit the ball too hard.

A better play is to find a way to get the ball rolling gently down hill to improve the chance of making the putt roll into the hole.  Here are three methods with some practice should help you make more down hill putts.

Choking down on your putter grip will give you more control over the club head and help slow down the putting stroke. If you have to grip down all the way to the steel to get the best control.

Another approach is to hit the ball with the putter heel. The heel is a better place than the toe of the putter to deaden the impact. Hitting on the ball on the heel is easier because you have move control over the heel of the putter. Striking putts with toe will tend to make the putter head wobble through impact.

Look over the down hill putt and get a feel for how steep the hill it and the speed of the putt. You want to pick a spot to roll the ball over at the right speed to get the ball to the hole without sending the ball many feet past the hole.

Practice hitting down hill putts on you putting mat by placing something under the mat to simulate a down hill putt.

Putting tip: Downhill putting

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