With regards to putting it is well known that the ball speed is king. Has always been and will continue to be the most important element of putting. The thing about speed is that If you hit the ball too hard or to easy, it just will not go in even if it is on line. Another well known saying, short putts never go in even when it is on line.

Frequently, particularly if I don’t get a chance to putt a few balls on the putting green before arriving on the first tee, I will find myself leaving putts short, or hitting the ball by the hole.

One way to compensate for this putting issue is to adjust your grip pressure.

When your putts keep coming up short try gripping the putter a little tighter while making the same stroke. You will find that the speed of the putt will come out better.

When you find yourself hitting the putts past the hole by several feet you can try loosen your grip on the putter a little bit and make the same stroke.

I have found these two tips to work most of the time when I am having trouble with my putting touch. As with golf sometimes these tips my not work for you on the course. Now what should you do?

I would suggest adjusting the width of you legs while standing over the ball.

If the ball is going past the hole too far, try putting your legs a little closer together and make a same stroke. If the ball is coming up short of the hole, try adjusting your legs a little father apart and making the same stroke.

When the tricks work for you you will start making a few putts and gain confident before you reach the back nine even on those days that you feel yourself guessing about your putting.

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