The Dave Stockton putting tip is that when you are putting you should not try and make the putt, you just want to roll the ball. As you may know that anything your try in golf such as not three putting or even life in may not work.

The most important things in putting is the line and speed. With speed being first. When you are putting for example a seven foot putt you want the golf ball to roll and die into the hole. Whether it is a 3 foot or a 50 foot putt you want the ball to die into the putting green hole.

Dave Stockton believes that the right feel and distance are more important than the line. Another key point is not to watch the ball after striking it. You just want to start the ball rolling to the hole.

Watch some of the best putters such as Stockton and Crenshaw and you will notice their the ball is rolling not struck or hit.

You will also make more putts if you do no try to make the putt but just getting the ball rolling. How many times have you missed a putt and putting it again and made it. The second time you putt the ball you are not necessarily trying to make the putt, you are just putting it.

Try stepping up to the ball, making no practice strokes, look at the line to hole, look at the hole the whole you are setting your feet, and start the ball rolling to the hole by putting through the ball. Remember not to watch the ball roll.

Stop trying to make putts and just roll the ball on the putting green to the hole so it dies into the hole.

Watch Dave Stockton on Putting


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