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A Simple Putting Drill To Lower Your Scores

A Simple Putting Drill To Lower Your Scores

Putting DrillUsing a simple putting drill to lower your scores and help improve your putting confidence. Putting practice is really tough at times because it seems like work without having fun.  There are so many putting drills in magazines, on the internet, and putting books for working on different parts of the putting stroke and the mental part of putting.

If you are like me I really do not have the time to spend working on all those drills and practice the full swing.

I have found a putting drill that will help you work on your stroke, control of distance, and determining the right line for the putt.

To work on this drill you need to find a place on the green or a larger putting mat without a cup, six golf balls, and your putter.

You start this putting drill by placing the six golf balls in one of your hands. Now you want to drop all the ball on the green at the same time. They should hit the green and come to rest in a random order. That is exactly what you want to happen. You also want to make sure that there is enough space between the balls for you to make a putt.

Select one of the balls and putt it a distance of about 4 feet. Next you want to select the second ball. Use your pre-putt routine and determine the line to the first ball. Now putt the second ball and strike the first ball.

The next part of the putting drill is to select the third ball and putt it to strike the second ball. Continue this process until you have putted all six golf balls.

The goal is to strike each ball with the putt. Since you are putting to a ball the cups on the course will look larger.

You can repeat this drill by putting the first ball to six feet, then eight feet, then 10 feet, etc. to work on your distance control and reading the green.

The good thing about this putting drill is that each putt will be different from the other putts and you are not standing in the same place for each putt.

This drill will help you get your putting on track fast.

Three Golf Ball Drill

Putting TipHere is a great putting drill that can be done without a putting green. All you need is a carpet long enough to roll a ball.

Find three golf balls and drop them on the carpet so they are spread out. You want the balls to be about three to four feet apart. The good thing about this drill is that you do not need a hole in the carpet. All need is a spot to putt to.

The distance you want to work on with this drill is about four feet. Now putt the first ball the four foot distance. The important part of this drill is distance control.

The rest of the drill consist of putting the other balls so they hit the first ball. You may want to repeat this drill to get the feel for the distance and the feel of the stroke to move the ball this distance.

To expand this drill perform the same steps for putts distance six feet to twelve feet.

Here is another variation. Putt the first ball and hit the ball place on the carpet. Now putt the second ball so it hits the first ball. Then putt the third ball to hit the fourth ball. You can also use a putting mat to perform this drill.