The worse thing that your golfing buddies can do for you is to say pick it up. “That is good.”

Each time you pick up your ball without putting it into the hole you are removing an opportunity to build your putting confidence. You are throwing away an opportunity to hear the sound of the ball hitting the bottom of the hole. You want to build you putting confidence during the round of golf.

The problem with picking up the ball is that it takes away from your confidence when you may need it to make an 18 inch putt when it is needed like putting for an eagle or maybe a birdie.

The best way to build your confidence is making all those gimme putts. Making all those gimmes will help you later when you are putting that putt under 10 feet for a birdie.  Making putts builds on the confidence of making putts.

Make yourself a commitment to make the last putt on every single hole, even the putts that are a foot away.  Watching the ball go in the hole will have a positive impact on building confidence in your putting over 18 holes.

Those three and five footers will also become easier when you watch those short putts go in on every hole.

Another way to build your putting confidence is practicing your putting on a practice putting mat such as the ProActive ProCircuit Putt Return System. The system will return the golf ball back to the position on the putting green from where you putted it so you can putt it again without having to retrieve the ball.

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