It is the goal of every golfer to improve putting and roll the ball into the hole more often. It is very interesting to watch the putting statistics on the PGA Tour. For example, pros make only about 44% of putts 7 foot long and about 10% of putts of 25 feet. They do make about 95% of putts within 3 feet. So why do we beat ourselves up for missing those 10 and 20 foot putts when the pros do not make every putt?

Here is a pre-putt routine that will help you with your putting.

You want to visualize your putt before you do anything else on the putting green. Suggest when you walk up to the ball on the green look at the distance the ball is away from the hole and determine if the putt is on an up slope or down slope. You should also look for any side slope as well. So look at the putt and visualize it rolling into the hole in real time.

Then you want to feel the putt in your hands and shoulders. You want to do some practice putts to get a better feel for the putt while looking at the hole and the line of the putt.

Now you want to commit to the putt. You have all the data and information to help you make that correct putt with the right speed.

And finally you want to stand over the putt and make your putting stroke while keeping your head down and while you listen for the ball hitting the bottom of the cup.

Remember not to get to anxious about your putts. Stroke the golf ball to get it rolling on the right speed and listen for it hitting the cup.

Four Steps To Rolling In More Putts

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