If you want to improve your putting but find it tough getting to a practice green, you might want to think about investing in one of the many indoor putting mat. High quality synthetic turf putting mats will last you for years, are easy to maintain, and are easy to store when not in use. They all include holes to putt into like a real green. Some even come with a ball return so you do not have to walk to retrieve the ball. Here are 3 benefits of acquiring a golf putting mat.

Benefit 1. Your can practice when you have time

Practicing your putting 30 minutes a day is more than adequate to build a consistent and smooth putting stroke. The problem is that most golfers have hectic schedules or live to far from a practice green. With an indoor putting mat you can practice making putts into a realistic sized hole on a simulated green surface at your convenience in the comfort of your home or office.

Consider placing it in an area that is visible to you. This will motivated you to take a few strokes when you see it.

Benefit 2. Introduce golf to a family member

Introduce golf your son, daughter, wife, or a friend by helping them learn how to putt. So many people want to go the driving range and just swing at golf ball. Learning the putting stroke will a newbie with the full swing latter. It is the most important part of the game because half of your golf score is designed to be on the putting green. In addition, it is not to difficult to teach a person to roll a ball into the hole.

Benefit 3. Improve your putting stroke for short putts

Using an Indoor putting mats helps you get instant feedback on straight putts you may miss. With proper alignment and a consistent putting stroke should allow you to putt straight putts into the hole. There should be no doubt on a flat surface on a putting mat compared to the practice green grass.

Putting on a mat allows you to analyze the reason for missing short straight putts. Based on your analysis you can practice improving your weak areas. Over time you should will be holing all your putts on your indoor putting mat. This will build your confidence on the golf course when faced with short putts.

There are many different types of putting mats in different shapes and sizes. There vary dramatically in price and there are many different manufacturers to choose from.  Look over your choices and select one that meets your size requirements and fits your budget.