Improve Your Putting Using A Putting Mat

Welcome fellow golfers to this site dedicated to helping you improve your putting through  the use of a putting mat. If you are having trouble breaking 100, 90, or even 80 then you should consider working on improving your putting by eliminating those three putts and making more birdies.

Even if you can not play golf every day of the week practicing you putting daily using a  putting mat will sharpen your putting skills and reduce the number of putts per round.

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Big Moss Augusta Putting Green

The picture shows the Big Moss Augusta Putting Green – 4 x 12 feet which is an excellent putting mat for practicing your putting at home or the office.

Start by working on improving your putting by practicing your 3 to 6 foot putts on an artificial putting green in the comfort of you home, or your patio, or your basement, or your garage or your office, or even your motel room.

As you know putts can be half or more than half you shots for a round of golf. Reflect back on the last 4 or 5 rounds of golf and determine how many putts you had per round. I bet you average 2 putts per hole and probably more than 36 putts total per round.

No matter which putting method that you use, conventional, left hand low, or the claw you can benefit from an indoor putting mat.

Since most of us do not have enough hours in the day, an indoor putting mat allows you to practice at any time of day and during any type of weather condition. As you use your indoor putting mat, you will be able to focus on the fundamentals of your putting stroke without feeling any pressure of making a putt.

You can find indoor putting mats and putting greens in various lengths and sizes. They also come with slopes, curves, and hazards. Lengths usually vary from about three to fifteen feet long. Most of the cup sizes are a little smaller than the size of the cup on the golf course green. But this is good because it should help to sharpen your putting skills. Practicing with the putting mat should make the regulation cup on the golf course appear to be larger. Most of these putting mats will provide you the feel of putting on a well groomed green.

SuperSoft Putter Grip

Most artificial putting mats are portable. You can roll them up for storage, placing them in your car, and even carry them on an airplane. A number of the putting mats even have an automatic ball return.

Another great aspect of these putting greens is the ability to adjust them. You can usually adjust the length, degree of break, pitch, and even the elevation. Do not worry if you are left handed because most of the mats can be used by right handed and left handed golfers.

Make sure your check out the online company shipping policy and return policy when purchasing online.

After you receive your putting mat it is time to start your practicing. You need to practice, practice, practice to improve your putting skills and reduce the number of putts per round.

Do not forget that these practice putting mats are are excellent gift for anyone who loves the game of golf and wants to practice their putting away from the green.

Good luck in your efforts to reduce the number of putts per round and reducing your handicap through practicing on a putting mat.

Indoor Portable Putting Mat


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